About Us


Our Brand

Canvas is a contemporary lifestyle brand for women looking for distinctive pieces to fill the needs of their personal style. Each style is thoughtfully created with a balance of bold accents and feminine silhouettes using mixed metals, asymmetrical lines and textured finishes. The foundation of the Canvas collection is that every item is made for personal interpretation and the wearer is encouraged to customize their own look.

The Canvas Girl

The Canvas woman is independent, confident and comfortable in her own skin, she trusts her intuition and believes true beauty should be effortless. She savors life’s simple moments but is able to handle every unpredictable moment that presents itself. She relishes in the sound of laughter and loves to let everyone in on the joke. Her light-hearted spirit reflects in her jewelry-an unspoken expression of one’s personal self. She knows the perfect pieces are an extension of her ensemble and chooses accordingly. Whether she is off to work, meeting the girls for brunch, dropping the kids off at school or enjoying a date night, her signature style always looks effortless and entirely hers.


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